Article III - Philippine Interment Camps Oral History Project

The Baguio/Bilibid, Los Banos, Santo Tomas Internment Camps oral history project has officially begun. Liberation Weekend started off with more than 30 hours of oral histories being recorded. Over the next year the histories of as many internees and veteran liberators as can be reached will be recorded for future researchers.

Thanks to funds provided by Liberation Weekend sponsors, the oral history project will be able to record, transcribe and produce a vast collection of these one of a kind, historically important memoirs.

We urge anyone knowing a former internee of the internment camps in the Philippines, 1941-1945 or a veteran of the 1st Cavalry Division, 11th Airborne Division, 37th Infantry Division, 44th Tank Battalion or 672nd Amphibious Tractor Battalion to please contact MacArthur Memorial Archivist James Zobel at (757) 441-2965 and help coordinate the preservation of these valuable reminiscences.