John McLaughlin made 19 PowerPoint presentations in 10 middle and high schools
The MacArthur Memorial’s educator returned a previous visit to Pittsylvania County to spread the word about the accomplishments of General Douglas MacArthur.

John McLaughlin made 19 PowerPoint presentations in 10 middle and high schools while visiting as a guest of Mr. Clarke Scott, Social Studies Supervisor for the county. Mr. Scott’s invitation resulted from requests by the teachers who had seen and heard the presentations last May during an earlier visit. More than 1,700 students were served by the recent series of talks.
In addition to the school presentations, McLaughlin was also invited to address the Pittsylvania County Historical Society in Chatham, Virginia, on the evening of September 19. McLaughlin’s topic was the Medal of Honor.

Among the 35 attending the meeting was Mr. John Gammon, brother of Archer Gammon who received the Medal of Honor posthumously for heroic actions at Bastogne, Belgium, on January 11, l945. Mr. Gammon’s entire family was present for the talk, and John Gammon was later presented with MacArthur’s book, Reminiscences on behalf of the Memorial and the Foundation. 

Campbell County students were also visited during the week. The educator made an appearance at Altavista Combined High and Middle School. Three hundred students filled the school’s auditorium to hear talks about the "Life and Times of General MacArthur" and the "Five Star Generals."

Reaction among students, faculty, and administrators has been overwhelmingly positive. As a result, an invitation was extended to McLaughlin to address the Virginia Consortium of Social Studies Specialists and College Educators in Roanoke, Virginia, on November 3. Presenting programs of interest to this group affords the MacArthur Memorial a rare opportunity to market events, services and resources of the museum to state educators.