World War I Traveling Footlocker

For many students, World War I is very remote. 100 years is a long gap in terms of understanding culture, technology, and daily life.  World War I also tends to be overshadowed by World War II.  

If you are interested in a way to reinforce SOL standards and help your students encounter World War I history in a unique, “hands on” way, the MacArthur Memorial World War I Traveling Footlocker program is for you!  The Traveling Footlocker contains 30 artifacts/reproduction artifacts from World War I.  These artifacts tell the story of U.S. involvement in the war, the role of African Americans and women, the changing technology of the battlefield, and the daily lives of the combatants.   

The Traveling Footlocker comes with a fact sheet for each artifact, as well as suggestions for classroom use.  The Footlocker also contains 30 pairs of white archival gloves so that students can interact with the artifacts.  

Like all of the Memorial’s education programs, this special program is FREE!  Reserve one for your classroom soon!  Contact Jennifer Cottle at or call 757.441.2965.

WWI Footlocker
Other Information
  • FREE!
  • Can be reserved for up to 5 days
  • The Memorial staff will transport the Footlocker to and from your school
  • Includes artifact/teacher guide
WWI Footlocker