Related Reading

This is a list of published, self-published, and unpublished manuscripts and books related to the internment camps in the MacArthur Memorial Archives and Library. Many of these works are memoirs and diaries written by former internees.

Bailey, Fay Cook. Only a Matter of Days: The World War II Prison Camp Diary of Fay Cook Bailey. (2001)

Bryant, Alice Franklin. The Sun Was Darkened. (1947)20231104_125012

Byde, Bonnie. Recollections of Santo Tomás. 

Clark, Vivian. In Pursuit of Freedom. (1947)

Cogan, Frances B. Captured: The Japanese Internment of American Civilians in the Philippines, 1941-1945. (2000)

Crouter, Natalie. Forbidden Diary: A Record of Wartime Internment, 1941-1945. (1980)

20231108_094314Doner, Jane. The War Diary of Jane Doner: From Flight to Freedom. Craig Fredrickson (ed). (2021)

Doolan, Roy Fisher. My Life in a Japanese Prison Camp During World War II. (2014)

Flynn, Rosemary Stagner. Behind the Walls: The True Story of a Teenage Prisoner of War. (2011)

Hartendorp, A.V.H. The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, Volume I and II. (1967)

Hartendorp, A.V.H. The Santo Tomás Story. (1964)

Hind, R. Renton. Spirits Unbroken. (1946)

Irvine, Liz and Debbie Irvine Hammack. Surviving the Rising Sun: My Family's Years in a Japanese POW Camp. (2010)

Johansen, Bruce. So Far From Home: Manila's Santo Tomás Internment Camp, 1941-1945. (1996)

Marshall, Cecily Mattocks. Happy Life Blues: A Memoir of Survival. (2007)20231104_145247

Nixon, Eva Anna. Delayed, Manila, 1941-1945. (1981)

Pittam, Margaret Bassett. -And the Gate Came Tumbling Down, A Diary of Santo Tomás Prison Experience. (1986)

Sams, Margaret. Forbidden Family: A Wartime Memoir of the Philippines, 1941-1945. (1989)

Sehorn, Grace. War Diary of Grace E. Sehron, Santo Tomás Internment Camp, Manila, Philippines, 1941-1945. 

Snyder, WR. Internment, The War Years, 1942-1945. (1977)

Stevens, Frederic H. Santo Tomás Internment Camp. (1946)

Van Sickle, Emily. The Iron Gates of Santo Tomás. (1992)

Vaughan, Elizabeth. The Ordeal of Elizabeth Vaughan: A Wartime Diary of the Philippines. (1985)

Whitacre, Paul. The Story of Santo Tomás. 

Wygle, Peter. Surviving a Japanese POW Camp. (1991)