Article V - Collections Uncatalogued Continues

The electronic cataloging of the MacArthur Memorial’s artifact collection has reached the approximate half-way point. Using the ReDiscovery museum cataloging program enables museum staff to quickly identify and locate artifacts. This electronic system is much easier and faster than searching the traditional paper records, such as when selecting artifacts for an upcoming exhibit or perhaps identifying all WWI-era German currency or all Japanese military equipment.

Since September 2001, when a full-time registrar joined the staff of the MacArthur Memorial to work with this cataloging program, about 5,500 artifacts have been entered into the ReDiscovery system. This includes the Memorial’s collection of about 500 WWI and WWII recruiting and propaganda posters; about 200 flags, including both military colors and National standards; about 650 various pieces of currency and coins; about 40 firearms and 90 swords and bayonets; and about 300 paintings, portraits and prints.