Article VI - New Initiatives Pay Off for Education Program

John McLaughlin, Educator at the MacArthur Memorial, walked into the Virginia Middle School Association Conference in March armed with a powerful tool that has generated many requests for educational outreach and museum visitation services.

Seven general presentations about MacArthur and related history have recently been developed and will be provided to schools on an outreach basis. While marketing to middle school teachers and administrators at the Norfolk Marriott in March 2005, Clarke Scott, middle school coordinator for Pittsylvania County, invited the Memorial’s educator to spend three days presenting programs to all the county’s high schools and three of their middle schools. More than 950 students were served during the three days.

Upon completion of the programs, Mr. Scott arranged for a staff development seminar utilizing MacArthur materials and the recently published book by Ted and Donna Kinni, No Substitute for Victory.

In addition, arrangements have been made with Campbell County to join with Pittsylvania County in September 2005 on a joint outreach program that will reach many more students.