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  1. Podcast Topic Proposals
    The MacArthur Memorial produces two podcasts: the World War I History Podcast and the MacArthur Podcast. The World War I History Podcast covers all things World War I and the MacArthur Podcast covers military history and MacArthur history from the American Civil War to the Korean War. We are always looking for interesting topics and experts to interview for each series! If you would like to be considered for an interview, please fill out the form below. If your topic or area of expertise is a good fit for our upcoming programming schedule, we will be in touch!
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  4. Both series have an international audience of students, history enthusiasts, military professionals, and scholars. Briefly outline your topic and why it might be of interest to this audience.
  5. If selected, when would you be available for an interview? Would you be able to travel to the Memorial for the interview or would you be able to conduct an interview via a platform like Zoom?
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