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MacArthur Gift Shop
The MacArthur gift shop, operated by the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation, offers a wide variety of souvenirs for every age and interest. Items relating to the time periods of General MacArthur's life, and the events of those periods, are available.

From postcards, model planes, books, reproduction photographs and documents, DVDs, T-shirts, toy soldiers, hats and pins, there is something for everyone.
MacArthur Mementos
The gift shop is open during museum hours and mail, phone, and fax orders are welcome.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
Fill out, print, and mail the Gift Shop Order Form to purchase items by mail.

MacArthur Memorial Medal
The MacArthur Medal
MacArthur Memorial Coin
Philippines Memorial Coin
MacArthur Memorial Books
MacArthur Memorial Booklets
MacArthur Memorial Photographs
Photographs of General Douglas MacArthur
MacArthur Memorial Speeches
Audio Cassettes of General Douglas MacArthur
Video Cassette VHS
Video Cassette VHS
MacArthur Memorial Photographs
MacArthur Memorial Spoons
MacArthur Memorial Miscellaneous