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Papers of Colonel Clyde C. Childress, USA - Record Group 109
Papers of Colonel Clyde C. Childress, USA 
Record Group - 109
31st United States Infantry Regiment
61st Philippine Infantry
10th Military District
American Guerrillas of Mindanao
Colonel Clyde C. Childress served as commander of the 107th Division, 10th Military District, during World War II. Serving in the prewar Philippines with the American 31st Infantry Regiment, Childress was chosen to help train the new Philippine Army when it was called into service under Douglas MacArthur’s new United States Army Forces Far East (USAFFE) command in July 1941.

Papers of Colonel William M. Hutson, USA - Record Group 118
Papers of Colonel William M. Hutson, USA 
Record Group - 118
China Burma India Theater
William Maine Hutson, a South Carolina native, served as a U.S. Army Colonel during World War II. Credited as creating the first tank destroyer group for the Army during World War II, he also served as an American aide to the Chinese Nationalist General commanding the southern half of China.
Papers of Lt. Colonel Charles M. Smith, USA - Record Group 106
Papers of Lt. Colonel Charles M. Smith, USA 
Record Group - 106
Philippine Regional Section, GHQ, SWPA
5th Military District, Samar, Philippines
American Guerrillas of Mindanao

Charles Smith was a civilian mining engineer on the Philippine Island of Masbate when war broke out in December 1941. Making his way to the islands of Panay and then Mindanao, Smith put himself at the service of the USAFFE (United States Army Forces Far East) forces defending the islands before their capitulation in May 1942. Evading capture rather than surrendering, Smith hid in the mountainous jungles of Mindanao with future guerrilla leader of Mindanao, Lt. Colonel Wendell Fertig. 

Papers of Lt. Commander Frederick L. Worcester, USNR - Record Group 110
Lt. Commander Frederick L. Worcester, USNR 
Record Group - 110
16th Naval District
10th Military District
7th Military District
7th Fleet Liaison
American Guerrillas of Mindanao

Lt. Commander Frederick L. Worcester’s service from the opening of the war until the surrender of the Philippines took him from Manila to Corregidor to Cebu to Mindanao.