artiFACTS Series

The MacArthur Memorial has thousands of artifacts on display.  Some are 3-Dimensional artifacts (uniforms, flags, guns, etc.), and others are 2-Dimensional artifacts (maps, photographs, documents, etc.).  Each artifact tells a story and provides valuable insights into the past.  Without these items, it would be very hard to construct a story of the past.  

Interested in how history is written?  Thinking about a museum career? Looking for a virtual field trip to supplement your curriculum? Or, just fascinated with really amazing pieces of history? If your answer to any of these questions is "YES," the MacArthur Memorial's artiFACTS Series is for you!  The artiFACTS Series takes you on a behind the scenes exploration of many of the interesting artifacts in the MacArthur Memorial's collection.

Episode 1: MacArthur's Purple Heart

Episode 2: WWII Japanese Diary

Episode 3: Moro Swords

Episode 4: MacArthur and Hirohito Photograph

Episode 5: WWII Surrender Pen

Episode 6: Pearl Harbor Documents

Episode 7: Civilian POW School Map